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"Sharing the love of Jesus with all people"


In the midst of all the scars in the Gospel lesson this week, there is peace and joy and ministry instructions that Jesus gives to His disciples, including you and me. This week, we will stay in
John 20:19-29 in order to soak up all the grace and love of 
God in Jesus that He gives us, scars and all.

-- read v. 19
-- the disciples were in fear; why?
-- what causes you to fear? why?
-- what does Jesus say to you that takes away fear?
-- define the peace that Jesus gives you
-- read vv. 20-21
-- what brought gladness to the disciples? why?
-- what brings you gladness? why?
-- after another blessing of peace, what direction does Jesus give to His
disciples? what all does this entail?
-- does this apply to you as well? in other words, is this command of Jesus
"descriptive" (it only describes the events)
or is it "prescriptive" (it is a mandate for us)?

-- read vv. 22-23
-- you received the Holy Spirit at your baptism; according to these verses, what
are you now to do?
-- on what basis do you either forgive or not forgive?
-- take time to contemplate your role in this

-- read vv. 24-25
-- what are your thoughts regarding Thomas here?
-- have you ever felt like you needed proof? why?
-- read Hebrews 11:1; how is faith described here? how does this encourage you
in your faith?

-- read vv. 26-27
-- how many things does Jesus do for Thomas?
-- list the things Jesus has done for you (it'll be a loooooong list!)

-- read vv. 28-29
-- how does Thomas respond to what Jesus does for him in vv. 26-27? what is
Thomas confessing here? what do you confess in response to all Jesus
does for you?
-- reflect on what Jesus says in v. 29; how does this apply to you? what does it
mean for your faith life?