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confess sin? ... what impact does being

'fearless' have on how we are already ready for Jesus?


Isaiah 64:1-9

We will pretty much stick with Isaiah 64 this week so that we can get a clear picture of our relationship with God from both His perspective as well as ours. Keep in mind that in these verses Isaiah is pleading with God on behalf of God's people, interceding for us, even begging God to do something about our predicament. This will remind us of Jesus who makes the ultimate intercession for us at the cross and continues to intercede for us today at god's throne of grace.

-- read Isaiah 64:1-2
... first, let me highlight a few words: rend, quake, boil, tremble
... now, with these words in mind, what is Isaiah asking God to do and how (with what kind of energy, attitude; know what I mean?) does Isaiah want God to do what Isaiah is requesting?
... and then, why is Isaiah asking God to do this?
... do you want God to "rend the heavens and come down" into your life? why or why not?


-- read Isaiah 64:3
... there's more powerful language here: "awesome things"; "mountains quaked"
... now, with these two phrases in mind, what connection can you make between:"things that we did not look for" and "at your presence"... when God is present in our lives today, even though we may not 'see Him' what are some things He is doing on our behalf?

-- read Isaiah 64:4
... read this verse slowly and let it reveal to you something about God; what is that something?
... Paul quotes this verse in I Corinthians 2; read I Corinthians 2:6-16 now;
what insight does this passage throw on Isaiah 64:4?
... put the two together and what can you use for your faith walk today and the days ahead?

-- read Isaiah 64:5
... first, recognize that the "you" in this verse is God Himself and that the "him" in this verse is one of God's people
... so, in the first half of this verse who is doing what for whom? why?
.. in the second half of this verse who is doing what? why?
... in what situation do God's people find themselves in this verse? what would Isaiah like to see happen to God's people?
... in what situation do you find yourself in relation to God? what would you like to see happen to yourself? Can you think of any way this might be possible?

-- read Isaiah 64:6-7
... how is our predicament described in these two verses?
... because of this, what has God done? why has God done this?
... this is a good time to be honest with ourselves, confess our sins, leaving
nothing out, and depend on Jesus, His death & resurrection, for our forgiveness, life, & salvation; after your time of confession & repentance, thank God for His forgiveness!

-- read Isaiah 64:8-9
... what's the good news in these verses?
... how does that impact you?
... how can you share the message of Isaiah 64:1-9 with other people for the sake?


         (The ESV is used for all Scripture readings.)