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Devotions for the week of June 28th

Instead of focusing our attention this week on being ashamed, let's consider some powerful examples from God's Word about not being ashamed. May the Scripture readings this week strengthen us in our faith, knowing that God is not ashamed of us but is always here with us, for us, and in us.

-- Read II Timothy 1:8-12
-- of what are we not to be ashamed (v. 8)? why not?
-- of what is Paul not ashamed (v. 12)? why not?
-- how are we encouraged in these verses, to live out our faith?

-- Read II Timothy 1:15-18
-- Paul expresses gratitude for Onesiphorus; for what?
-- what was Onesiphorus not ashamed of regarding Paul?
what do you think this means?
-- why might we be ashamed of another person's situation?
what does that say about us? now, reverse the roles
-- ask God to strength your faith to not be ashamed of others

-- Read Hebrews 2:10-18
-- in front of whom would Jesus be not ashamed to call you
part of His faith family?
-- why does Jesus hold you in such high esteem?
-- knowing this is true, what does this do for your faith? why?

-- Read Hebrews 11:13-16
-- after reading these verses, why is God not ashamed to be
called the God of all those people of faith (vv. 4-12, 17-31)?
-- now think about this ... God is not ashamed to be called your
God, either; how does that make you feel?
-- consider how and when to share this good news with people
you know who could use to hear this

-- Read I Peter 4:12-16
-- these verses are about suffering on the one hand & rejoicing,
blessing, & glorifying on the other; find the good news in
the conflict described in these verses
-- why are we told not to be ashamed if we suffer as a Christian?
-- instead of being ashamed, what are we to do? why?
-- what happens to us when we rejoice, bless, and glorify in the
midst of suffering for Jesus and our faith?

-- Read Genesis 2:18-25
-- of what were Adam & Eve not ashamed? literally or
figuratively? what are the implications of both?
-- now that we have that figured out, why were they not
-- and now we can move on ... so from where does our
"ashamedness" originate? what has been done about that?
-- thank God that in Christ we need not be ashamed for who
we are in Christ, children of God!